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John Mercer Langston, the man for whom both Langston City and the university were named, was prominent in education and public affairs for a generation after the Civil War. Though the university of Langston, Oklahoma, was legally named the Colored Agricultural and Normal University when it came into being, it was always popularly called Langston, after the man who had become a symbol of the highest form of educational leadership. The name was officially changed in 1941 by act of the Oklahoma Legislature.

The bill changing the name was introduced in the House by Carl Morgan and in the Senate by Louis Ritzhaupt, both of Logan County. The bill was enacted by the Eighteenth Legislature and signed by Governor Leon C. Phillips on May 11,1941. The pen was presented to Langston University President G. L. Harrison. A portrait of John Mercer Langston hangs in the foyer of Langston City Hall and in the auditorium of Langston University.

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